About Dasko

Looking for a transport company that transports refrigerated and frozen products daily at home and abroad? With Dasko you have come to the right place. We ensure that goods arrive at their destination quickly, properly and in a controlled manner. Do you want to contribute to even more satisfied customers? At Dasko you can do so in many ways. You can work for us behind the wheel of a truck or delivery van, but also in the office in various positions. We are happy to help you acquire new knowledge or retrain you.



International freight transport: we deliver top quality throughout Europe

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Delivery service

Dasko delivers groceries for Albert Heijn Online

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For storage, transshipment and other warehousing services

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Our locations

Dasko has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. They each have their own areas of expertise.

What we stand for

Being one of the best

We are committed to excelling in the areas of service and employment. We are involved with our employees. After all, they are the driving forces behind Dasko. We also do everything we can to remain at the top in the field of refrigerated transport.

Financially healthy

We are a (financially) healthy organization and we are committed to giving employees the opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle. We also invest in personnel, equipment, sustainability and innovation.

Sustainable (innovative)

We enter into long-term partnerships with both employees and customers. We are at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. We pursue sustainable solutions, deal consciously with our environment and we are leaders in digitalization.

Trustworthy & helpful

We establish long-term relationships with both employees and customers. We are committed and respectful and allow them to grow. We provide quick solutions for customers. We keep appointments and work transparently.